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Need help using the new [LIND:] x [:LIND] codes

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I created a custom tag for Civil War service to summarize in one paragraph a person's Civil War events. The sentence for the tag is:


[P] enlisted <[D]> <[L]>. His Civil War record included: <[:CR:][LIND:][M][:LIND]>


If I use the tag for a person that has children, the text from the memo does basically what I want, but lines up at the periods following all of the children's numbers (the digits, not the Roman numerals) about an inch from the left margin. This is a lot further right than I had hoped, but maybe I just need to learn how to set the spacing for the children's numbers to be less indented.


What troubles me is that if I use the tag for a person that does not have children, the memo text of the tag prints with exactly the same indent as for the above case (about one inch from the left margin), which is now well to the left of all of the rest of the text for that person.


Is there a way to control where the indent lines up and a way to make a sensible indent in both cases, whether or not the person has children?


Dave Ball

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Thanks Terry, although I don't much like the answer (not the fault of the messenger :lol: ). It means that I can't usefully use that code and will have to use just the carriage return and tab and live with the separate, but normal, paragraph. But that puts me back to having to deal with having the tag following the Civil War tag also have a carriage return and tab (so the Civil War data is completely in its own paragraph with the endnote number in the right place) and I really don't like having to do that because I can't easily keep track of such linkage as I enter more tags later unless I go to the trouble of setting a Civil War flag and accent color and that just seems like swatting a fly with a sledge hammer :wacko: for a few hundred people in a database of 50,000.


Wishlist to WhollyGenes, then: Make the [LIND:] x [:LIND] code respond to the current left margin plus an amount set in preferences. I see that for a descendant journal report (in MS Word) the second and subsequent paragraphs for children with no descendants that the left margin has been moved in, so having the [LIND:] x [:LIND] code respond to the current location of the left margin would do what I want for both people with and without descendants.



Dave Ball

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