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Guest Michael Dietz

You enter the child and then enter either the mother or the father. After entering the first parent you enter the second parent. TMG will ask if you want to have the parents married. Answer no. You will have the parent-child relationships but no marriage of the parents.


If the parents are already in the database enter the child. Then use the tags Bio-Father and Bio-Mother to connect the child to the parents. Again TMG will ask if the parents are married and again answer no.


If the parents and child are already in the database use the tags Bio-Father and Bio-Mother. Again no to the question.


If you look at all three of these scenarios it becomes apparant that however and in whatever order the individuals are entered, as soon as TMG sees the possibility of a marriage it wil ask if that marriage exists. When the answer is no, no Marriage tag is entered into either of the parents data.



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There is no difference as to how you would add a child irrespective of whether the parents are married or not.


In addition to the ways that Michael listed... From a parent, you can Add / Daughter or Add / Son (from the Add menu). You will get a screen where you can select the other parent before adding the child details. Again, say 'No' when prompted about a Marriage tag for the parents.

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What methods are available for adding children of two known, but unmarried persons through a tag other than "Marriage"?


I completly agree with the previous two answers.


You might want to add one thing: define a non-standard tag in the marriage tag group to link the two parents together without depending on the child as the link (for example to appear in the Person Detail Display). I call my non-standard tag "Relation." It is the only non-standard tag that I use.


Best wishes,


Mike Talbot

Metairie, LA

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