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Upgrade from v 5 to v 7 -- do v 6 first?

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I have been staying with TMG v 5 to complete reports for a genealogy I have been working on for some time. Now it's finished (and I'm pleased with how it came out!) and I want to upgrade to v 7. I purchased the v 6 upgrade but never installed it. Should I do that now before dowloading v 7, or should I go directly to v 7?

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You backup your v5 project(s) and, after installing v7, restore the project(s) to convert them to v7. There is no need for v6 to be involved at all.


You should read the 'Important Upgrade Instructions!' topic at the top of the v7 forum. Any place that topic says 'v6', just substitute 'v5' in its place.


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