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Bob Velke

Wholly Genes Newsletter, 9 November 2008, Issue 2008-16

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Wholly Genes Newsletter

9 November 2008

Issue 2008, Number 16


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In this issue:


o Data CD sale - 33% off U.S. titles!

o Cruise Wrap-Up

o Give the Gift of TMG for HALF PRICE

o Did You Know?

o Gettysburg Segways

o TMG Companion Products

o Wholly Genes online chat

o How to reach us



=== Data CD sale - 33% off U.S. titles! ===========================


Autumn is in full swing in the northern hemisphere and, as our thoughts turn to the upcoming holidays, we're offering a very special discount price on many of the data CDs on the Wholly Genes web site. With the entire international digital inventory from the Archive CD Books Project, you've got more than 3000 opportunities to find the untapped resources which will help you break down those brick walls in your research. That includes digitized copies of classic reference books, as well as many lesser-known gold mines of genealogical information. You can pick from many rare books, census records, church/parish records, vital records, military records, and maps from the United States, England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Canada, Australia, and other countries.


Best of all, most of them are fully searchable!


And now for a limited time, the U.S. digital titles are 33% off their usual low prices! The discounted titles (product codes starting with "US") include all of our most popular digital books from the United States, including:


o Heads of Families at the First Census of the United States Taken in the Year 1790 - Complete Set (US0356).

o Digested Summary and Alphabetical List of Private Claims Which Have Been Presented to the House of Representatives, 1853-1882 (US0343).

o Compendium of New England Pioneers, 1809-1939 (US0400).

o Compendium of New England Gazetteers, 1817-1898 (US0401).

o Black's Law Dictionary, First and Second Editions, 1891 & 1910 (US0211).

o Dunglison's Medical Dictionary, 1865 (US0226).

o Emigrants Who Went to America 1600-1700 (US0107).

o A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England, 1860-1862 (US0205).

o The Expansion of New England: The Spread of New England Settlement and Institutions to the Mississippi River, 1620-1865 (US0320).

o New England Migration - The Collected Works of Charles Edward Banks, 1929-1937 (US0402).

o Probate Records of the Province of New Hampshire, 1635-1771, 9 volumes (US0291).

o Vital Records of Rhode Island. 1636-1850, six volumes (US0322).

o Biographical Sketches of Loyalists of the American Revolution, With an Historical Essay, 1864 (US0263).

o Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, 1628-1686 (US0208).

o Historical Collections of the State of Pennsylvania, 1843 (US0396).

o New Topographical Atlas of the State of Pennsylvania, 1872 (US0503).

o Colonial Families of the Southern States of America, 1911 (US0316).

o Memorials of Old Virginia Clerks, 1888 (US0380).

o Virginia and Virginians, 2 volumes, 1888 (US0368).

o A Gazetteer of Indian Territory, 1905 (US0601).

...and many hundreds of other titles, many of which have a more local geographic focus.


To access our complete catalog, please go to www.WhollyGenes.com and enter a value in the Search field or select a geographic area under "Data CDs" on the left.


While shopping in the Wholly Genes store, the regular prices will be reflected in your shopping basket. To claim the 33% discount on U.S. titles, proceed through the store checkout price as normal and then enter the following "Store Coupon Code" on the same screen where you specify your preferred shipping and payment method:



(Note: do NOT enter this code in the gift certificate field.)


Start your holiday shopping now because this special sale lasts just 8 days and expires 16 Nov 2008.



=== Cruise Wrap-Up ==================================


Well, the 2008 Conference and Cruise is over and the attendees are safely home after an exciting and educational experience touring the Eastern Caribbean. 14 professional genealogists and technology experts gave more than 30 hours of lectures and private consultations to a group of about 200 enthusiastic attendees. In addition to cramming all of that genealogical information into our heads, we spent one day each on the islands of St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Thomas, and Puerto Rico. What a great way to spend a week!


Most of the lectures were of general interest to researchers and focused on genealogical methodology, sources, and technology but there were also 7 hours of lectures specifically for TMG users. It was an inspirational week and most of us returned with a long list of new ideas about how to attack our research problems.


Wholly Genes is grateful to the top-notch international speakers, including Elizabeth Shown Mills, Barbara Vines Little, John Grenham (Ireland), John Titford (England), Tony Burroughs, Megan Smolenyak Smolenyak, Craig Scott, Cyndi Howells, David Allen Lambert, Robert Charles Anderson, Sandra Hewlett, Dick Eastman, and John Cardinal.


Thanks also to all those that attended. There were many returning friends, as well as plenty of new faces in the crowd. It is always great fun to get together with such an lively bunch of researchers. If you weren't able to attend this year, then we hope to see you at a future event!



=== Give the Gift of TMG for HALF PRICE ===================


For a limited time, registered users of TMG Gold v6.09 or later can now purchase additional copies of the program for friends and family for HALF OFF the regular retail price! At just $39.97, the price of TMG Gold Edition on CD-ROM has never been lower. Gift copies of the program that are purchased now will also get a FREE upgrade to TMG v8 when it is released.


To take advantage of this offer, simply run TMG and access the "Message Manager" from the Help menu. You'll find a message there with your private coupon code and simple instructions to use it. (Click on the "Display previous messages" box to see messages that have been sent to you previously).


Here's your chance to give TMG to your friends and relatives at a greatly-discounted price! Your private coupon code can only be used _once_ (a single invoice for up to 10 copies of TMG Gold) and this offer expires 31 Dec 2008. An internet connection is required to receive your coupon.



=== Did You Know? ==================================


DID YOU KNOW that you can control the length of time that TMG's "splash" (i.e., program title) window appears during startup? Access the File menu and choose Preferences. Then

go to Program Options > Startup and Exit > Length of splash screen delay. You may be able to reduce the time that it takes TMG to start up by reducing this number.


DID YOU KNOW that you can link an exhibit or a research task directly to a source? Open the Master Source List from the Tools menu and then edit a source. Little buttons in the top-right corner of the Source Definition Screen then allow you to access the Exhibit Log and Research Log in relation to that particular source. By a similar method, you can link exhibits (photos, maps, finding aid documents, etc.) or research tasks directly to a repository. And, of course, you can link them to people, events, and citations.


DID YOU KNOW that the Exhibit Log is not just for images, video, sound clips, and text files? In fact, your Exhibit Log can contain links to PDF files, Word or Excel documents, Powerpoint presentations, or any other file type. Click on the Add button, change the file type to "All files (*.*)", and then select the file (e.g., jones_family.pdf). Better yet, when you then double-click on the exhibit, it will automatically load the document for viewing if the appropriate application is installed on your computer (Adobe Acrobat Reader in this example).


DID YOU KNOW that you can have the program automatically display the relationship between you and whomever is the focus of the Person View? Access the File menu and choose Preferences. Then choose Current Project Options > Other. On the right, check the box for the Automatic "Relation" tag and then specify yourself as the focus person. Thereafter, when you look at someone on the Person View, the first line will show how you are related to that person.


DID YOU KNOW that you can create a custom flag to track a custom characteristic among the people in your data set? For instance, if a particular medical condition or physical characteristic runs through your family, you can keep track of it with a custom flag. Just open the Flag window using the toolbar button (or access the Window menu and choose Flags), right-click on the list, and choose "Customize flags." You can then click on Add button to create a new custom flag and specify the permissible values (which can be any letters or numbers).


DID YOU KNOW that you can change the order of the information listed in the little box to the right of the primary name on the Person View? That "Other information" box contains the Reference field, an automatic count of the focus person's children, and Soundex of his surname, among other data types. But only a few of them are visible at once and you can't see the others without scrolling. So how would you make Age (i.e., age today or age at death) appear at the top of that list so it is always visible? Right-click on the list and choose "Customize 'Other info' box." Then can you highlight and move selected data types up and down the list or disable them altogether.


DID YOU KNOW that you can force the "Check for Duplicate People" feature (on the Tools menu) to ignore certain pairs of people who have similar characteristics but are NOT the same person? For example, your search criteria might be loose enough that siblings or father/son appear to be merge candidates based on their similar names and names of parents. When such a pair appears in the result list, check the box in the first column. Also make sure that the "Show excluded pairs" box below the list is unchecked. Thereafter, the specified pair will not appear in the result list.


DID YOU KNOW that there is a special Text Editing toolbar? It contains buttons for undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, spell checker, and other features that are commonly used while editing text. Those same features are available on the Edit menu but if you prefer buttons, then access the View menu and select Toolbars > Text Editing. After placing the Text Editing toolbar where you want it, be sure to save the screen layout (View > Layouts > Manage Layouts).


DID YOU KNOW that you can add the focus person's brother or sister (among other relationships) without being prompted for the relationship type? Just access the Add menu and select "Sister", for instance. You'll not only avoid the "Add Person Type" window but the program will automatically make the appropriate relationship links to the new person. You can even put the "Add Sister" function (among others) on a custom toolbar button so it is accessible with one click.


DID YOU KNOW that you can generate a report with content that is similar to the Person View? It is called a "Individual Detail" report and can optionally include a primary image, flags, footnotes/endnotes, and blank lines when birth/marriage/death/burial are missing (among many other options).



=== Gettysburg Segways ==============================


One of the many door prizes that was awarded on the cruise was a gift certificate for a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield on a Segway Personal Transporter. (The winner lives within commuting distance of the battlefield). It turns out that Bob Velke, the president of Wholly Genes, also owns SegTours, LLC of Gettysburg, PA. In fact, if you're in the area and stop in for a tour, mention TMG for a 25% discount! The discount cannot be used in combination with other promotional offers.


The foliage is fading and the weather is turning colder but the Segway is still a great way to get around the battlefield which comprises more than 6000 acres. The Segway balances itself so you'll be surprised how easy they are to ride. And since the company's tour guides are licensed through the National Park Service and average more than 20 years of experience, it is not just fun but a great educational experience for the history buff!


For more information, see:




=== TMG Companion Products ==========================


The following companion products which were developed for TMG users like you:


"A Primer for The Master Genealogist"

A great new book for beginning TMG users by Terry Reigel.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/primer.htm


"Getting the Most Out of The Master Genealogist"

The popular book compiled by Lee Hoffman - now available in electronic form.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gettingthemost.htm


Video training for TMG on DVD

Getting Started, Intermediate, Advanced, or Expert

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/videotapes.htm


Second Site

Web site construction tools for your TMG data.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/secondsite.htm

Latest version=2.1 Build 10


Pocket Genealogist

The TMG companion program for Pocket PCs and other Windows Powered devices.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pocketgen.htm

Latest version=3.11


GedStar PRO

The TMG companion program for PalmOS users.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gedstarpro.htm

Latest version=3.2



The research advisor that reads your TMG data directly.

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/gensmarts.htm

Latest version=


Map My Family Tree

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/mapmyfamilytree.htm

Latest version=1.4.11



Exhibit management utility

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/pathwiz.htm

Latest version=v8


Chartform Delivery

An inexpensive chart printing service

See http://www.WhollyGenes.com/wallcharts.htm


For the full list of companion products, please visit the Wholly Genes Community forum (http://www.WhollyGenes.com/forums.htm) and click on "Companion Products."



=== Wholly Genes online chat =======================


The next online chat with Wholly Genes will be Saturday, 15 Nov 2008, at 2pm EST and again at 11pm Eastern Time. Don't miss this opportunity to "talk" online with Wholly Genes representatives, as well as with other TMG users around the world.


Remember that the Wholly Genes chat room is available to you at any time. Just go to http://www.WhollyGenes.com and click on Public Chat in the Support menu. When you see the security warning, click on or . Then be patient because it could take 30 seconds or more (especially on a dial-up connection) to load the necessary chat tools. When prompted, simply enter a chat nickname and then click on Connect. That's all there is to it. We hope to see you there!



=== How to reach us ==============================


For tech support, please access the Wholly Genes Community message board at:


or write to:



Please be sure to note what version of the program you are using.


You can also reach us at:


Wholly Genes Software

9110 Red Branch Road, STE O

Columbia, Maryland 21045


410-730-9734 (fax)


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