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Relationship flaw

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I keep the relationship option on so I can keep track of the relationship of decendants to myself. I've found what might be a flaw. My aunt on my mothers side had two sons. They show up as having no relationship to me. They should be first cousins once removed, I think. Am I wrong?

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Try turning the relationship calculator off and then back on. I don't think it recalculates automatically, only when you turn it on. I put a custom button on my toolbar to toggle it on and off, thus recalculating when I've been doing a lot of data entry.



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The auto relationship tag is calculated when you first toggle auto

relationship and is not changed until toggled again. When you add a

new person, if you add them to the parent that already has a

relationship the new person's relationship will show correctly at

this time. To recalculate relationships as each person is added

would significantly slow down the program. To-recalculate the

relationships during a session, [Refresh relationships] from

preferences. An easy way to accomplish this is to add "Toggle

Relative auto-tag" to your custom toolbar. Go to: View > Toolbars >

Customize. Toggle the tag off then back on to recalculate relationships.

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