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picklist issue

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I have a problem with my picklist search. I have several William Thacker entries. When I search Thacker using the “surname, given name,birth date” sort option, the Thacker, William (Pulaski) entry appears on the list. When I change the sort option to “surname soundex, given name, birth date”, William (Pulaski) disappears but all the other William and variants remain. Am I missing something or is there a bug in the 7.04 search routine?

I have screen images that I can forward if that would help.

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When using Expanded Picklist the sorting order doesnt seem to be correct. I get

Chandler, Sarra

Chandler, William

Chandler, David

Chandler, Ella

It sorts the Surnames correctly but seems to create 2 lists based on the given name. the sort order I have is Surname, Given Name, Birth Date


Any ideas?



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