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Pat Norton

Same Sex Unions/Marriages?

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I recently received some data, from a cousin who uses Legacy, for data recording. In this gedcom he has a same sex union between two males. He has advised me that as legacy will not accept this as a marriage, so has used memos to explain this situation.


I have imported the data into a TMG V7 dataset, without this "same sex union". I then manually added the male "wife" into the dataset with him being treated as a female, then manually changed the flag to change his sex from female to male. I now have a "marriage" between two males. [Just for test I added a child to the "female" male with his male partner as the father - it seemed to work]


Is there a better way of dealing with a situation like this

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Not that I know of. TMG does not require two people to be of different sex to be entered in a Marriage Tag. But it does for them to be recorded as parents.

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