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Died and buried or Died and cremated

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I dont' know if this is sentence structure, or a gliche in the system, or what, but here it is.


I have several people who were cremated after death. The cremains then were (1) scattered, (2) buried in the family plot, (3) sitting on a mantle.


In a journal report, I have it set to provide the abbreviated BMBD for the person at their first appearance, with parents. Later, of course, the information is ellaborated on in the individual paragraph, if the perso is carried down.


In the Individual paragraph, where I have BMBD first, it produces as I set it.


On the abbrevidated BMBD wiith the parents, however, it doesn't. What it does is use the "bur." abbreviation, rather than the "cre." abbreviation.


"d. 6 Aug 1980 in Nogales, Arizona; bur."


This may be ok for those whose cremains were buried, but not those niched, scattered, or whatever else.





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What tag are you using to record the cremations? It sounds like you are using either the standard burial tag, or a copy of it that was modified without changing the Abbreviation. It's the Abbreviation from the Tag Type that is showing up in the children list (because of the settings you are using for that list).


You can either use a separate Tag Type for the cremations that has your desired Abbreviation, or choose a different format for the Children lists.

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Should have been more clear.

The cremation tag is from the tag group Burial. Whether or not I made it up from a burial tag, or whether there is a standard "cremation" tag, I don't recall. However, the abbreviation as listed on the tag is "cre." I thought perhaps I had made up the tag -- and the new abbreviation didn't "take" oh, well. I'll just take the "burial" off the list of items to show. It will probably read better that way anyway.





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