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E Wilcock

Duplicate Person not marked

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I am working with the UK edition using a 4 generation Descendant Box Chart to show a blended family.


Under Options/ Data type I set descendants to show life span and duplicate people to show

life span and duplicate people.


The duplicate people part doesn't show up, although it appears to be saved as part of the chart layout.


This blended family chart includes two types of duplicate person.


A woman who appears as the wife of two different men.


Individuals who appear twice because they are involved in or descended from a cousin marriage.


I hope someone can help me over this.


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The definition of duplicate persons on a chart is NOT what you expect!


The only duplicates that are detected are those where the same person occurs as "as a descendant in the same role". That is, the children of an intercousin marriage are seen as duplicates, but because in the two versions of the same marriage, one person is seen as a descendant and the spouse as an outsider, they are not seen as duplicates!! In other words it is working correctly according to its "descendant" rules.


The duplicate detection does not occur for the same person as a spouse in two or more places. This has been commented on before.

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