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E Wilcock

Creating and moving lines

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I have spent a morning learning to edit in vcf. My boxes and notes are now arranged pretty much as I want them.


But I cant draw lines. Or understand the Help on drawing lines.


If I start to draw a line I cannot stop drawing it.


I understand that the lines are L shape. (via Terry's site)

However, if I add new L shape lines I dont understand how to control their position. Mine tend to reposition themselves above instead of below a married couple.


In moving boxes to compress the chart, I failed to hold down the shift key.

I now have some duplicate lines and some lines missing altogether.


I'd like to line up lines with bumps in them so they are single straight lines linking siblings.


I'd like to extend these lines to other sibblings.


I'd like to add little drop lines and rising lines to connect siblings to the lines going across.


Could someone please tutor me in drawing lines?


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