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Patrick M. Lofft

Family Group sheet - Marriage?

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Is there a method to designate that a person was never married so as to prevent the Family Group sheet report from continually printing the "Marriage?" when I specify that I want to provide for omitted BMD events?

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A family group sheet won't actually "print the marriage" if there is no marriage tag - there will be nothing to print.


However, it does as part of it's standard format use the label "Spouse" for the other parent when a person has children with someone to whom they are not married. I suspect that may be what you mean here.


The only solution to that is to create a custom language in which you change the word "spouse" to something more to your liking, then use that language for the report. That's not hard to do, and while I've not tested it, I thing one could easily get acceptable results that way. If that is the problem you are having, you'd like to try this approach, we can provide details.

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For example, when I select the report: Famiyl Group Sheet: Options: Misc.: BMDB events when missing & blanks for missing data

the following is reported:



Birth: JUNE xx, 19xx Baltimore City, Baltimore Co., MD.

Marriage? ___ __ ____


Am I able to designate a person as NEVER married to avoid the assumption that a marriage might be missing?

Such as when the person died a bachelor.

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Hi Patrick,


I don't use the Family Group report a lot, so don't have a suggestion to avoid the Marriage line.


However, there is a workaround that you may find acceptable. You could create a custom tag in the Marriage group, perhaps named "Not Married" and assign the person that tag with no spouse. That will change the Marriage line in the FGS report to the name of that tag. You might even put some text in the date field, maybe "no known marriages", which would be viewed as an irregular date but would print in the date column in the FGS report. By making it a separately named custom tag type you can choose to exclude that tag type from printing in other reports so that it does not appear there, or create appropriate custom sentences.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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