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I have a GEDCOM to import. For now, I just want to look at the file, rather than actually merge it in with my data. I just want to see if it has any of my family in it.


On step 2 of the wizard I get "UFT-8 GEDCOM, can't be imported. Please see GEDCOM import help topic"


The file has a .ged extension. I am running TMG 7.04 on Windows XP.


From reading help, I gather that some programs produce a "non standard" gedcom file. One wonders why they call it GEDCOM if it isn't :angry:


At any rate, I assume that is what I have here. Is there a workaround? I do own a couple of versions of FTM, would that help me?

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TMG does not support Unicode (UFT-8). You need to open a GEDCOM using the UFT-8 character set in Notepad or something like Word and save the file as a text file using the ANSI character set. If doing that saves the file as a .TXT file, be sure to rename the file type back to .GED. After converting the file to an ANSI file, TMG will import it.


(The character set has nothing to do with whether the file is a GEDCOM or not. GEDCOMs can be created using any of several character sets depending on the program creating the GEDCOM.)

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This issue with UFT-8 is mentioned in the TMG Help in a box at the bottom of the topic GEDCOM Import. See also a comment from Wholly Genes in this forum here.


However, if all you want to do is look at the GEDCOM, it is a text file. You can open any true GEDCOM file in any editor that will handle straight text (and whatever character set it was saved in, like UTF-8). I typically open and review GEDCOM files in Notepad or WordPad. Since these programs have search capabilities I can usually find whether they include what I expect before I bother to import them into TMG.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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