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ColorChip.zip and Clut.zip

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I would like to start by publicly thanking Virginia Blakelock, Terry Reigel, Mike Talbot and so many others for your informative messages that I have been perusing and learning from. Using your ideas and advice I have already created superb charts I would not otherwise have even thought of. Visual Chartform is truly an awesome charting tool. Thank you all so much!


1. Among the things I downloaded are 2 files from Virginia (ColorChip.zip and Clut.zip). Although both contain .vc2 charts, when I open them in Family Tree SuperTools v2, nothing appears in FTST's screen. Am I missing something? Could they be from an earlier version not compatible with v2 version?


2. I had seen a pdf, also from Virginia, that showed, I believe, some 48 color samples with their settings. Search as I may, I can no longer find it. Does anyone know where it might be?


Thank you.

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I am delighted that you have discovered - along with many of us - the creative possibilities of VCF. A little practice leads quickly from a bit daunting to a lot of fun.


The link to the ColorMaster chart (48 custom colors and their RGB values) is with the VCF palette message here.


A message on the 16 custom colors which can be used to make a custom color lookup table in TMG and FTST for use in accents and charts is here.


The Color Chip.zip and Clut.zip were early exercises in the use of color and are essentially pre-empted by the later Color Master.


If you have some examples of FTST charts you'd like to share here, let me - or any moderator - know and we can insert the .jpg images into your message.



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Thank you Virginia. I will delete the two zip files and go to the link you provided for the larger color chart.


Thank you again. Visual Chartform provides much more capability than any other similar program I've come across. As for having fun, it's too much fun.... : makes it hard to get on to something else! :)

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