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Major Meltdown!

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I opened up TMG having not used it for a little while. All appeared well until opening up any tag. In the Memo box appears a message:

"Evaluation Expired! To purchase, ...."


Then a pop-up box appears saying:

"Evaluation expired. This is an evaluation version of TEDeveloper's Kit. Please vists our website www.subsystems.com to purchase this product. If you ...." etc., etc


Soon I get another op-up window saying:

"OLE error code Ox80004005. Unspecified error ....." etc


This repeats every time I close and reopen TMG.


Any thoughts?

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Don't have any ideas and you didn't say what TMG version you are running. I would uninstall and reinstall using the full installer for the version that you are running.


The v7.04 full installer can be downloaded here...



Jim, thank you for you advice. The re-install changed nothing (v7.04 UK version)

I ended up getting excellent advice from TMG support (Phil) who suggested maybe another programme on my computer was stuffing things up. He was right. I had installed an evaluation copy of "Author-It" (a documentation programme) and that was the culprit. Once deleted and TMG re-installed, all was back to normal, much to my relief!

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