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Ben S

Fan chart - use Burial instead of Death date?

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I am a recent purchaser of FTST, and have a question about the Fan Chart report.


One of the options available is to include the life span dates (either birth date - death date, or birth year - death year).


I have a large number of French Canadian individuals who have a confirmed Burial date but no confirmed Death date. Going back to add an estimated Death date to over 1,000 individuals is not a good option for me at this time.


Can I modify the Fan Chart report so that what prints out is the "birth year - burial year"? In effect, I just want to substitute the Burial year for the Death year wherever the Death year would otherwise appear on this report.


I sneakily opened up the "Fan Chart.rpt" report definition file and tried changing all of the Death* instances to Burial*, hoping that maybe this would do the trick, but no luck.




-- Ben

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Hi Ben

Here's my solution:

1. Create a custom Tag in the death group (mine is called Buried)

2. Close TMG

3. Use the TMG Utilities program to change all Burials to the new tag.

4. Open TMG again and run the optimise, then Reindex, then Validate File Integrity

5. Check on Children window and you should see that burial dates now appear when death date is not present.


I had a look on the fan chart, and provided you choose Show birth and death YEARS rather than Birth and Death dates, it should work. I haven't yet, but am now going to deactivate the original Burial Tag so that I always use my new Buried tag without making mistakes.


Hope it works for you.


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Very good, Marlene, this is a solution many of us use when we have burial details but no death details. I choose to use both my custom "BurialAsDeath" tag which I created in the Death group, and the standard Burial tag in the separate Burial group. If I have both sets of details I like both to output, but the "BurialAsDeath" provides the life span if I only have that data.

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