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Virginia Blakelock

Modifying a chart for census research

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The chart on the left was created to accompany the Family Group Sheet of the subject family. With simple editing it also serves as a census research tool to help track the location and identify the relationships of orphaned children who appeared with various extended family members over the census years. This chart is for the 1850 census; I have similar charts for later census years.


After making the first chart, I saved it with a new name, selected all the boxes and changed the fill color to white. I then made colored icons in VCF to color-code and identify enumerated people in the 1850 censuses: triangle for head of household, small square for other persons. I added boxes to the chart for those people who were enumerated but were not family members.




When using the VCF drawing tools to make the triangle and square, it helps if you draw with View / Zoom Custom set to 400%. It may take a little experimenting to get the size you want, but once you have a model, you can use copy/paste to make the icons in different colors - and save them in your Palette chart.


Rather than trying to position the icon directly in the person's box, paste it in a blank spot near the box and use the arrow keys to move the icon into place. Once the icon is on the clipboard, Ctrl-V will make as many more of that color as you need.



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