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[TMG] [OT] Free Utility for TMG available

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Hello to TMG Users.


I'm pleased to announce the availability of an upgrade to TimeLinerPlus!


***** Make TMG Timelines and view your Research Notes easily. *****


New Features in TimeLinerPlus! V2


>>> The TMG Project can now be filtered by even more options :


- Using up to 5 names in the template - (using the vertical bar |

separator as in TMG Memos)


- On a Flag Value - ie SEX = .F.


- On a Year Range using YYYY format - includes any events within

the range value inclusive.

(You can also just use a start or end date on their own.)


Go to http://beesoft.info and select the Timeliner box on the left of

the Menu at the top of the page to get to the details and download pages.


Illustrations of the operations of Timeliner are on that page or linked

to it


In particular the operations of the filtering options are linked at

Filtering Possibilities


I ask that you leave your email details so that I can let you know of

an upgrade.





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Downloaded Timeliner 2


All seems good except the buttons on the right don't seem to work (Help, Quit, Intro, Contacts etc)?

Edited by Neil Grantham

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