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One-page (8.5 x 11 in.) 4-generation Ancestor box chart with siblings.



Tip for adding VCF report configurations: Start with a new configuration named 'No Data' (deleting all the default data types) so you will have an easily modifiable base configuration from which to make new named definitions with any combination of data types.


Boxes, width 144 pixels

Box color: Custom color - light turquoise

Lines: Sibling lines - gray dotted (may not show on some printers)

Text Names - Tahoma 8 R

Title - Lucida Handwriting Regular 12

Other / Misc - Include siblings, Remove blank lines

Other / Identifiers - ID Number

Other / Text Alignment - Center

Other / Lifespan - birth year - death year

Images - on right

Data Types: Lifespan



Manually colored direct-line boxes to make them a darker turquoise color (see VCF Palette instructions here).

Inserted a carriage return before names in boxes with photos

Moved Title to the bottom and added a space between each word in title



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