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PDF Endnotes in TMG7.4 individual report

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- I've just installed TMG 7.4 on win7, so, as expected, I can't print report to *.rtf etc.

- Have managed to install the PDF printer so I can at least get reports to a PDF

file. But I'm having a problem with:


Individual Report > Options > Sources.

For this report I had set up

- Endnotes + Unique

- Show excluded citations

- Include name sources

- Include relationship sources

- Disable "ibid.


For *.rtf file output on XP this gave me a list of sources as endnotes at the

end of the document. But when I run this to PDF output (both xp and win7), all

the superscript "source numbers" are shown in the body of the text, but there is

no endnote list at the end.


Perhaps I'm missing something.


Jim Orrell


P.S. I would normally send this sort of query to the Rootsweb forum, but my mails do not seem to be getting through, I tried 3 different email addresses and no rejection email from Rootsweb.

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When to send a report to Screen, Printer, or to a PDF, the note reference numbers are added to the body of the report as you see, but the notes themselves are not. To see them, you have to run an Endnotes report after you run the individual report.


When you run a report to those destinations with options set to produce endnotes, the notes are "accumulated" but not actually printed. If you run a second report you are asked whether you want to keep or discard them. If you keep them you can then run an Endnotes report that includes notes from both individual reports. If you discard them your Endnotes report will include notes from the most recent report.

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Well, whad da ya know! Thanks Terry, I've been scatching my head over that. You'd think after all the years I've been using TMG I'd have come accross it before. I had a suspicion from the TMG help, but your response makes it make sense now. Just shows I'm an MSword manipulating man and I'm lost without those *rtf files!

Jim O

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You're welcome, Jim.


I'm with you - I very seldom find I want to print a report without editing it in Word. One solution, until the output to Word on 64-bit systems is fixed, is to keep a 32-pit laptop or other old computer around to run those reports - works if you don't need to do them often.

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