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Rod Deller

Descendant Indented Chart - Errors

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Trying to produce a 5 generation Descendant Indented Chart but the chart will not list in the correct date order in the 4th generation.

I am getting all the individuals I expect in the chart and the list order is correct above and below the element I have posted.

I have sort by Birth Date selected but the birth dates for the bottom group are before the birth dates in the top group.

Am I correct in thinking that the bold under lined individuals at the bottom should appear before the bold italic individuals at the top?


Any suggestions would be most welcome.


| \-- John Deller (4), b. 16 Aug 1874 at Rickling, ESS, d. before 22 Sep 1942

| +Emily Lavina Sheppard (6), b. 27 Jun 1875 at Brixton, SRY, m. 18 Nov 1899 at Fulham, LND, d. 21 Oct 1909 at Fulham, LND

| |-- Harry Leonard Deller (11), b. 27 May 1900 at Hammersmith, LND

| | +Bertha Maude Irene Snelling (425), b. circa 1902, m. 25 Dec 1928 at Fulham, LND

| |-- Walter John Deller (10), b. 27 May 1900 at Hammersmith, LND, d.23 Jun 1904 at Chiswick, LND

| |-- Florence Ida Deller (84), b. 7 Nov 1908 at Fulham, LND

| |-- Reginald Charles Deller (2), b. 7 Nov 1908 at Fulham, LND, d. 5 Jan 1976 at Southampton, HAM

| | +Dorothy Joan Hann (3), b. 1920

| | |-- Malcolm Deller (17), b. 1943

| | |-- Raymond Deller (18), b. 1944

| | |-- Gillian Rose Deller (19), b. 1945

| | |-- Rodney Deller (1), b. 1947

| | |-- Susan Margaret Deller (22), b. 1948

| | |-- Barry Deller (21), b. 1950

| | \-- Trevor Deller (20), b. 1954

| |-- Elsie Margaret Deller (399), b. Jul 1902 at London, MDX, d. 19 May 1904 at Chiswick, LND

| |-- George Edward Deller (394), b. 28 Sep 1903 at Chiswick, MDX, d.6 Jun 1904 at Chiswick, LND

| \-- Cecil Edmund Deller (400), b. 7 Jan 1905 at Fulham, LND

| +Rose Lester (422), b. circa 1905, m. 25 Dec 1927 at Fulham, LND

|-- Joseph Dellow (102), bap. 13 Dec 1829 at Rickling, ESS, d. Mar 1900 at Harlow, ESS

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It's hard to understand what you are doing.


Normally, you run the DIC with one person as subject and there is no need to change the Options / Sort parameter from the default.


If you run the report with multiple subjects, then you are actually running multiple reports and the subjects should be sorted in ID# order which appears to be the results that you obtained.

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Rod -


On the 'Sort by' tab, change the sort order to Surname and see if that clears up the problem. For the descendants of a single person - the focus person in the Details view - you would leave the 'Sort by' at the default Surname. The 'Sort by' options are only used if you want a series of descendant charts for several people - say for each of the people in the Focus Group.



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Do you have a single person selected as "Subject" of the report, or multiple people? When you select multiple people in and ancestor or descendant report you are asking for multiple reports, each starting with one of those people.


Normally for any ancestor or descendant report you should specify only one person - the starting person. The report itself then takes care of adding everyone else, according to the various options you select.


The Sort tab of options only applies if you specify more than one Subject. And it controls the order the several reports appear in - it has nothing to do with the order of the people within a given report.


It appears you have only a single report here, if I'm understanding your transcription of it. Within a report the order of the children of any one person is controlled by their birth dates. In this case they don't appear in that order. Some things to check: Are the sort dates of the primary birth tags the same as the dates in those tags? Do you have the Birth Order flag set for these children?

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Jim, Virginia and Terry.


Thank you one and all for the replies, appreciated, and problem now sorted :thumbsup:


The chart was set for a single individual and I played with the Sort Order because I could not get the chart to list correctly.

I had already checked the Sort Dates were correct but completely forgot about the Birth Order Flag.

This family has two sets of Twins so I has used the flag previously to set them in the right order, then found 3 more children and did not set the flag for them :angry::confused:

Flag now set for all children, in correct order, and chart listing as expected.


Cheers good people :cool:

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