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Possible Research Tool

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I woke up this morning with an idea I thought I'd share - right now it's still just a germ of an idea really. See the attached image of my dual monitor screen print to get the gist. My TMG layout is on the left screen and the right screen has a notebook from SpringPad.


I got an iPad for Christmas and I found this great app called SpringPad that is phenomenal and fun. It's a productivity tool and has several features which make it stand out in that crowded field -

1. the ability to 'clip' any image or text from the web and send it directly to a notebook within SpringPad and you can look up stuff from within the app,

2. it is web-based so you can update your notebooks on the mobile app or on your browser and they will stay synced always,

3. it's FREE!

4. you can layout a notebook as a 'board'.


We all know how complex genealogy can be - lots of facts, people, places - details! And when you are researching TMG does a really good job of letting you lay out a lot of those in the best way for you. There are still holes though - at least for me. I'm one of those people that likes everything visible and close. I started a notebook in SpringPad dedicated to one of my favorite ancestors. I have a few pictures of him and places he lived, lots of documents, etc. SpringPad isn't made for genealogists, so it's a little rough laying these out and I've only done a few here to see if its a viable tool. Some things, like an hourglass chart, are small icons that you can blow up to a larger size if you need it and otherwise make room to see other stuff. The map item will pin any place that is noted within the notebook - automatically. You can make checklists, shopping lists, etc. As with many computer programs, it has trouble with dates outside the realm of computer lifespans (Excel has an issue with this as well).


What do you think of this as an idea for your research? Do you think this could be a useful tool if it was tweaked toward genealogy research? It couldn't replace all the links and details that are within TMG - just be another tool.


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