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Karla Huebner

Huebner, Karla

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My site can be found at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~h...lamb/index.html


It was constructed mainly using Second Site, with a Carla's theme that I got directly from her site and modified very slightly. From another user, I got the idea of assigning national flag icons (by TMG flag use) for the major birth countries of USA, UK, Norway, etc.


The site is narrative, fully sourced, and covers only people I have reason to believe are dead. Relatively few of my relatives seem to do any kind of family history, so I want to interest them in the project, as well as encourage exchange with fellow researchers of specific counties and areas.


I should add that I have just (Jan. 15 2005) updated the site and, along with the usual sorts of changes and additions, you can see some use of the new Witness Memo feature to show relationships.


Karla Huebner

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