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This is a help request to WhollyGenes staff.


It's been a while since I've been here. I'm a long time customer with several previous versions of TMG, and I want to upgrade now when v8 is released. But I wondered if perhaps WhollyGenes have changed its login system since last time? Anyway, my login e-mail and password doesn't work anymore, not even the lost password routine, so perhaps my earlier account is lost?


It's not a big problem to create a new account from scratch, but I'm concerned about the purchase history and stuff I might need in the future, and therefore it'd be better if my previous account was found. Is it possible to find me, you think? :unsure: I can provide further information about my account details, serial numbers of registered TMG versions, etc. in a private message, when needed.


Any reply would be greatly appreciated.



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Thank you, Jim. The issue is now cleared up.


Here's the core of the reply from WhollyGenes, which I guess other people also may be interested in:


We had recently upgraded our website and old information was removed.

Also, we not longer keep a history of products sold, at our website.

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