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importing my old data

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I had TMG 4.0d and had backed up an .SQZ file

I purchased a new Windows 7 machine and a bought new copy of TMG along with (it as my old TMG would not run)


I cannot restore my backup .SQZ


I understand i need to use TMG 4.0d to export to .GED and import to the new TMG.



I have found an XP machine and installed from my original TMG UK 4.0b CD.

I cannot get the backup .SQZ to restore without first upgrading to 4.0d?


I looked under obselete patches, as directed in another post.




help! I seem to have hit a dead end...

If anyone can direct me to the upgrade that would solve my problem....

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Hi Tomino,


NO!! Do not export to GEDCOM. You will lose lots of your information.


Because it is so old, you do not "restore" your V4.0d backup. Instead, you simply "import" your 4.0d .SQZ file. This is a different option on the TMG File menu. This import action allows TMG to do all the extensive changes necessary to make it a Version 7 project.


If you have further questions, feel free to ask.

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Welcome / Import or File / Import

Step 1: Welcome - Simple Wizard

Step 2: Import from - The Master Genealogist v4.x or earlier BACKUP (*.SQZ)

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