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Tag Entry JournalIntro Using TMGv7 and Windows 7 (64 bit) PDF

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The embedded codes [center:] . . . [:CENTER] and [:CR:] (along with other possible codes) are not implemented. Other codes such as [size:] . . . [:SIZE] and [:TAB:] seem to execute properly. Are there any fixes for this problem?

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The center and left-indent codes work only with word processor output (that's what the "wp only" notation for them on the right-click menu means). There is no output to word processors from 64-bit systems with TMG 7, as you probably know, so they cannot be output unless you have access to a 32-bit system.


All other codes, including [:CR:] are supposed to work with any output, and do so far as I know. What do you find to the contrary?

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