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Merge Duplicate Tags?

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I have custom tags for the various UK census, i.e. Census 1841, Census 1851 etc.


About half of my Census 1911 data appeared with a spurious tag Census 186111. (Due to some boneheaded action of mine)


I did a LOP for the bogus census, and using this started manually changing the tag to Census 1911. After a long, boring day decided there must be a better way.


Using edit I renamed Census 186111 to Census 1911.So now I have two 1911 tags, one 465 records, the other 424.


Pause for thought; at the bottom of the pit, stop digging.


Is there a way to merge the two tags?


I had thought of splitting one lot into a temporary database, deleting the 'empty' Tag in the main database, then combining the two databases. Would this work?


Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

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Yes, there is a better way. Not within TMG, but by using John Cardinal's TMG Utility. Use the Events > Change Event Type function.


The Utility is available on John's Site - it is "donorware" - John asks that you make a donation to his favorite charity if you find the program helpful.

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Once again you came to the rescue - many, many thanks!



P.S. Started 08:46, completed about 09:36 including pause for thought and time to make and drink a cup of coffee. What a times-saver! Many thanks John & Terry.

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