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GETFILEX registration problem

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TMG 8 successfully installed and is working on my 4-core Intel processor.

TMG 8 seems to have successfully installed and is not working satisfactorily

on my 2-core Athlon laptop.

Both machines are running Windows 7 Professional SP1 with the latest MS updates.


The laptop version comes up with the sample project. When I attempt to restore a file,

the file requester does not appear. Instead I get an


Error 0x0040154 Class not registered 72 GetfileX.

If I ignore the error, I eventually get an

Object LOFORM not found.


After uninstalling, deleting all related files, and reinstalling every V8 and V8 demo that I could find (several times),

reinstalling, and trying to do a restore, I contacted Jim Byram. He suggested deleting

and reinstalling the PDF printer. I did this and it did not help.


I saw the solution for the other class registration problem with printing, I uninstalled

and reinstalled the service object as suggested in recent e-mails and would thank

users for sending me the proper procedure. Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.


A primary difference between the two systems is the amount of Microsoft Software

which may have correctly registered the missing registrations. The laptop and desktop

both have Open Office installed. The laptop has ms works installed and the desktop does not.


What should I do next?

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