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Keith Winters

Language choice in Tag Type Definition

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I am using the Gold UK edition of TMG v8 and have File/Language set to English UK. I want to change the sentence structure of some of the built-in tags. I go to Tools/Master Tag Type List and choose Edit for a tag in question. The Language is set to English UK in the Tag Type Definition box, which seems reasonable, but the sentence boxes are all blank. The default sentences only appear when I set the language to English US in the Tag Type Definition box. Is this a bug?

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No, this is not a bug. Most tag types have no English (U.K.) sentences. When the sentence is output, the English (U.S.) sentence is used.


You can edit the tag type and copy the English (U.S.) sentences to English (U.K.) and edit them... or create the English (U.K.) sentences from scratch.

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