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This topic is for how-to tips and workarounds and fixes for issues encountered in TMG8.


Here are the guidelines for adding a reply.


1) One tip/workaround/fix per reply.


2) The description and step-by-step solution should be precise and to the point.


3) No replies to any of the posted fixes workarounds will be allowed. This is not a discussion topic.


4) How-to replies should be how to do something in the program that is not obvious, not how to do something the way that you do it.


All replies are subject to being edited or deleted if the quidelines above aren't followed. This is a topic for users to find quick solutions to common issues and needs to be easy to scan and search.


If you see an error or better way to accomplish a posted tip, workaround or fix, send me a PM with the post number and your revision. I'll edit the original as appropriate.


If you would like a tip/workaround/fix added (and can't do it yourself), send me a PM. I'll only add issues that are withing the domain of Support with their permission.

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Person View / Tag Box / Item Tips


Why don't my tags in the Tag Box show more lines when I move my mouse cursor over the tag information in the Name/Place column?


You need to right-click and select 'Show Item Tips on the Person View'.


Item Tips can be enabled/disabled for several of the program windows in Preferences. (or by using the right-click option in the top-level windows)


Menu: File / Preferences / Program Options / Item Tips tab

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Person View / Tag Box / Automatic Relationship tag


Why aren't the relationships showing (or are incorrect) in the Automatic Relationship tag when I add new people to my data set?


Relationships in the tag are not updated when you add new people or change relationships affecting the individual. You need to open Preferences and click the [Refresh Relationships] button.


Menu: File / Preferences / Current Project Options / Other tab

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Tag Type Names and Role Names


Tag type names as well as role names have the base name in English (U.S.).


The tag type name as well as a role name in any other language is a translation of that base English (U.S.) tag type name or role name.


If you edit a tag type or role name 'translation' (in other words, the tag type or role name in any language other than English (U.S.)), that new translation will apply to all uses of the (base English (U.S.)) tag type or role.


If you edit the English (U.S.) tag type name, this change will apply to all uses of that tag type.


If you edit the English (U.S.) role name, that will create a new role name (and thus a new role). This change will only apply to the current tag type. You can add the new role to any other tag type and any translations that you created for that role will show.




The internal role name design will change in v8.05 and the above will no longer apply. Renaming a role will do nothing other than change the role name in that language for that tag type.

Edited by Jim Byram

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Running optimize after a work session will remove deleted data and compact your data tables. Optimizes also combines duplicate places and reindexes the data tables as appropriate.


When you do more thorough maintenance, you should run optimize, validate file integrity, optimize. It is important to always follow validate file integrity with optimize.


Menu: File / Maintenance

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Program Error - OLE error code 0x80040154: Class not registered


This error happens when you try to send a report to screen, printer, or PDF file.


The error occurs because a file cdintf400.dll used by the PFD driver is not registered.




First... Make sure that the PDF driver has been installed.


File / Printer Setup... / [install PDF printer]


Installing the printer should resolve the issue.




In a few cases, you might need to clean up first.


I believe that it happens when you choose to not have the PDF driver installed when TMG8 is first run and, subsequently, you try to print to screen, printer, or a PDF file.


The following is an easy fix.


1) Open the Devices and Printers folder. If the 'Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4' driver exists, right-click and select 'Remove device' to remove the driver.


(You might also confirm that the driver also hasn't been installed under the Amyuni name and remove that also if it exists. This would only happen if you tried to resolve the problem by running the pdfinstall.exe installer directly.)


2) Run Windows Explorer and locate the cdintf400.dll file and delete it. It will require responding to a UAC prompt under WinVista and Win7.


"C:WindowsSysWOW64cdintf400.dll" (64-bit operating systems)


"C:WindowsSystem32cdintf400.dll" (32-bit operating systems)


3) Run TMG8. Use File / Printer Setup / [install PDF printer] to install the driver.


The issue should now be fixed.


(If you can't resolve this issue, TMG v8.01 should fix it.)

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The PDF printer still won't print even though it has been correctly installed.


Sometimes, even after the PDF driver has been installed and there is not a registration error, the PDF printer will still not print when trying to output a report with the output set to "Adobe Reader (PDF)".


You need to do the following...


1) Open the Start Menu and click the [Devices and Printers] button. (For the button to appear on the Start menu, this option must be enabled in the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.)


2) Right-click on the "Wholly Genes PDF Writer v4" icon and select "Printer properties". (Be sure to select "Printer properties", not "Properties".)


3) Select the "Ports" tab.


4) On the "Ports" tab, make sure that the "NUL:" local port is selected.


5) Click [OK] to save your changes to the PDF driver properties.


You should now be able to output a report to a PDF file from TMG8.

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