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Add New Person - Error Message

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In TMG v8, when I use the "Add New Person" screen to add BMD information for an individual, I often times get the following error message: "Variable 'TCSEX' is not found. 183 FRMADDPERSON.MVALIDATE". This happens randomly, but most often when I enter a date in the form "circa May 1999".


Dos anyone have any suggestiosn as to what may be causing this and what I can do about it?


Thank you.



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so far I had this happen one single time only while adding a new person.


However, I've never been able to replicate it, nor have I so far run into this again.

At least for me entering "circa dates" or the like does not trigger this error condition.


I'd be happy to report it, but that means I would have to provide a detailed, step-by-step description how to replicate it. And actually I can't right now.


So if you may run into it again, please provide the exact steps (one-by-one) / actions you did immediately before it happened.


Other than that running TMG's maintenance routines (in the sequence): Optimize > Validate File Integrity > Optimize, also often helps to clear such possible "hickups".

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Bob and Vera,

I had this happen several times today when entering irregular dates. Searching about the TCSEX led me to your messages.



Variable ‘TCSEX’ is not found. 183 FRMADDPERSON.MVALIDATE

I was in the person details screen. Went to the add drop down menu. Selected to add a brother. Added the given name, moved the cursor down to birth date field, added the date which is irregular [Q4 1912] but without the brackets.


Clicked on the OK button. Told it was an irregular date. Clicked ok or whatever it is to get out of that alert message.

Clicked ok button and got the alert that tells me this has no citations and do I want to continue. Clicked yes and get the above message variable.


Retry and abort won’t remove the error message.

Abort lets me go back to the screen again but there is no way out of that except CANCEL which makes you lose your data entry. HOWEVER clicking IGNORE 4 times in a row saved the data!


I had the error occur earlier in this batch of data entry but clicking ignore made it go away then as well but I didn’t make note of that then.

I replicated this by adding another brother with an irregular date like the above and again clicking the IGNORE button 4 times saved the data.


Didn’t have this problem when I had a regular date.

Hopefully what I've detailed will help to work out what the problem is.



Edwina Shooter

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thanks for your reply and the detailed description. I'll try to replicate this using your approach as outlined above.


I do have one additional question, though:


You wrote:

...moved the cursur down to birth date field....


How did you do that, i.e. by using the TAB key or...????

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Thanks, Edwina.


In your user data folder "The Master Genealogist v8" there's a sub-folder "Logs" and this contains a file: error.txt


Could you please make a copy of that file and send it to my email address: vpanews(at)t-online.de ?


[bTW: Other than that I trust you already ran TMG's maintenance routines on your project.]

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