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Visiting A Record Office

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I am visiting Whitehaven Record Office on Saturday for a week [am taking my sleeping bag] and would like to take a report with me to help find my ancestors and new family members.


I was thinking a long the lines of a list of village/town place names with all the surnames currently connected to them so that I can take notes of anyone with those surnames on a particular film and enter all the information into my tree when I get home.


Does anyone have any suggestions.





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Not using the UK version, but this is what I do.

First I search for everyone who was in a certain place. Say a cemetery. I then print an Individual Narrative for each of those people (use the filter on the report.)


If it's a lot of people this may not work, but the beauty of it is, I get one page (or sometimes two) for each person in that area, with all their events. So I can look up what I don't have on them while I am there.

Have fun. Don't forget to take some snacks too. If you aren't allowed food, I take hard candy. Most places don't mind it and it keeps blood sugar level.

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hi teresa


I have about 3,000 people so far and am going on the train which I have to change twice, carrying a suitcase and a laptop. So this sounds a really good idea but toooooo big in this instance lol


Thanks for suggestion though as it will be perfect when I go to our local one which is a couple of miles away in the car



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You say you will take your laptop? Will it have TMG on it? Then don't print reports. Either generate a set of reports in advance as files, or do your searching while at the Whitehaven RO.


I would probably do laptop searches on the spot and use a filter on a List of Events report to identify the specific place covered by this film. The Secondary Output would set a custom flag (maybe called WRO) to 'Y' for all people who have any event associated with this place. You could either set the flag for Both Principals, or for All Witnesses (which includes the Principals). Then I would simply filter the Project Explorer by that flag.


An example LOE filter to find appropriate people could be:

County // Equals // Cumbria // AND

City // Begins with // [?] // END


If you sort the Master Place List by County you will get the list of places to use in that county.


To help in doing this repeatedly, I would also have stored a filtered List of People report, and use the Secondary Output to reset all people with 'Y' to 'N' before running another List of Events report. Assuming the flag is named WRO, the List of Places filter could be:

WRO // Equals // Y // END


So, the actions would be:

Run the List of Events to flag people for a given place.

Filter the Project Explorer for the people flagged with any event associated with that place.

Run the filtered List of People to reset the flag.

Repeat for another place.


I think? this is what you are wanting to do? Hope this gives you ideas,

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I use a ‘List of People’ report with

Family Name

Given Name

Birth date

Death year

ID no (This is the sort column for the output)

Birth village

Birth town (which is always entered on the database as the Registration District)

Father’s given name

Mother’s family and given names


Which is produced in Exel format, which means that you can sort it how you like, select chunks to print and play to your heart’s content. Only downside is that mine is 154 columns wide, so you may have to print in landscape mode. (I don’t need to I bought an A3 printer!)


Enjoy your visit Rob

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