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Bruce Speck

TMG Version 8.2 Startup Issue

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I recently upgarded to TMG Verion 8.2 and since that time I have had some issues on initial startup. When I click on the TMG desktop shortcut to open the program, it starts to load and the TMG display box appears in the middle of the screen. The menu boxes are also visible at the top of the page. When the TMG display box disappears, another diaplay box entitled "Windows Installer" appears and it states trying to load Microsoft Office 2003. If I hit the cancel bottom the box will disappear and TMG will finsh loading and I can use the program. Once TMG is running, if I try to do any maintenance functions or access a report, the Windows Installer box will again try to open and I have to hit cancel to close it. This is very annoying and I can not figure out how to correct this issue. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can take care of this problem? Thank you.

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