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FoxProw caused a General Protection Fault

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I have been using TMGW 4.0 for quite a while on this system. Tonight while entering a exhibit, the program stopped and threw up this message. http://screencast.com/t/PQsPmFGGN


"FOXPROW caused a General Protection Fault in module FOXBAR:DLL at 0001:2E3E


I have tried restarting.. same error. Tried using the Repair.exe. It found a few errors, but it still wont start.


I also tried starting TMGW and creating a new dataset, but got the same error, so I dont think it is my dataset.


I am running Windows 7, but TMGW is from Windows XP mode.


What can I do to get back into my dataset?

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I got it running again. I just copied the entire TMGW folder to a temporary location. Uninstalled/reinstalled TMG, then moved my database folder back to the TMGW folder. It works now. Not sure what caused it. Hopefully, I can move to V8 soon...V4 frustrates me. Especially not bn able to use any context menus (right clicks) even though it was "supposed" to be for windows.

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TMG 4 was essentially a Windows 3.5 product - it predated lots of modern Windows features like right-click menus. TMG 5 was the first version that included many of these features we think of as common in today's Windows applications. Try a current version - I think you will like it. :)

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