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install of v8.02 aborted - lost access to earlier vers of 8

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Sorry people - but I have the same issue as others.


I downloaded upgrade from inside the app and installed it. It failed and it rolled itself back, and rolled out the whole ver 8 I had been using up until that time.


The error was that installation had failed and I should contact support.


I had a look and followed the reinstall instructions in the forum - a number of times. First time I downloaded incorrect US version, I use UK version.


I have made a few attempts, all to no avail. I am renaming (NOT deleting) the old directories in c:\programs and in C:\Documents and Settings.


I have also looked in revo uninstaller and ver 8 does not get a mention, so I cant run that.


Anyway, both US and UK versions give me the same install error


EXCEPT that once I got this - TOC19.ocx HR RESULT - 2147220991 <failed to ???> (note ??? is me as I cant remember exactly what it said). After I clicked OK I then got the same error as before and as everyone else is reporting


Please help.

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This is no immediate help to your issue, sorry. However....


Your OS is: Windows XP, right?


Do you still have this file tmginstall.log ?


If so, please send me a copy of it to my email: vpanews(at)t-online.de

May be that will provide additional hints.

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Make sure that hidden files and folders are shown


Uninstall the program TMGv8, if you may have it installed multiple times (i.e. the US version as well as the UK version uninstall all)


Look for any remnant program folder(s) "The Master Genealogist v8" - delete it/them


Look for the folder(s) "The Master Genealogist v8 Installer" - delete it/them


Re-start your system and log on as Administrator


Download the 30-day-free-trial for the UK Version of TMGv8 and save it i.e. own your desktop


(No absolute need, however I'd do it: close all other applications, temporarily turn your virus scanner off. After TMGv8 installed successfully, don't forget to turn your virus scanner on again.)


Now run the 30-day-free-trial for TMGv8.02 UK Version = tmg8uksetup.exe and make sure that you use the same program folder as for your previous TMGv8 version/installation

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