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Helmut Leininger

wishlist - "Verify" details

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Maintenance - Verification often indicates a numer of potential problems have been repaired. I would like to have some details about the repaired items (not just only a sum) in the logfile.



I have seen that in some cases when potential problems are repaired, a previously present information gets lost. So I am concerned not knowing if something happened.

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The changes that Validate File Integrity makes are technical and have to do with the data table structure. It is not practical to add such information to a log file. I have a different version of VFI that reports such details. You could not understand the details without understanding the data table structure in detail and without examining the data tables while viewing the log.

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In this case I want to file a bug that leads to information loss.



You have 3 persons in you database.


Person 1:

Mary Smith, with name Variant Mary Johnson (married name oer alias name)


Person 2:

Maria NN, with name Variant Mary Johnson (same as for person 2)


Person 3:

John Anybody


Person 2 is "attached" as witness to an event of person 3 (say Godmother at the birth of John Anybody) using the name variant Mry Johnson.



Then, you decide person 1 and person 2 are the same and you merge them:

"Main" is person 1 (Mary Smith), the second in the right window is person 2 (Maria NN). You do not take over the name variant "Mary Johnson" from Maria NN as this name already exists for person 21 (Mary Smith). But you take over the witness tag.



The merge does not show any problem, but when you look at the witnesses for the birth of person 3 it looks somewhat strange: there is no name and the entry cannot be accessed.

A subsequent verification "solves one potential problem" and the information about the witness is lost (no witness for the birth of person 3 any more).


You may imagine this causes a problem that is very difficult to trace when you have done more modifications to your database (e.g. merging several people) as you usually do not write down every witness information before merging, just to enter it again afterwards.


Information loss cannot be accepted.

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I don't know why you were concerned about VFI. This is a merge bug and occurs before VFI is run.


I posted a bug submission and asked that this be fixed as soon as possible. This has now been fixed and should be in v8.03.

Edited by Jim Byram

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Thanks, Jim.


I asked about VFI because I thought that with more information in this file I could eventually reconstruct lost information (caused by this bug or maybe others I have not seen yet). I think that VFI should not find any (potential) problems during normal operation. For me, if it has to repair something it indicates that something has gone wrong before, either due to a bug or a system malfunction.

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