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Event Reports with Principals Ages

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I am a long time Legacy Family Tree user, but I am in the process of switching to TMG. Trying to correlate some of the functionality I used in LFT, I have been trying to print an LFT style event report in TMG. For my genealogy research I find one of the most useful and interesting bits of information in the event report in LFT is the age of principal1 and principal2 for an event. Although this is possible with LFT, I cannot find the same capability in TMG. Does anyone know of a way to get TMG print this information in the list of events report or a similar columnar report, or is this just not possible with TMG. The only ways I can find to “marry” principal ages and their tagged events in TMG are with narrative reports. If it is not currently possible to do this in TMG, I think it would be a great additional capability to the program. As I said LFT has the capability, as also does Family Tree Maker 2012 and Roots Magic (with an additional add on), so it must be useful to other researchers.

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I can see how it could be useful, but I'm afraid that's not an option with the List of Events report.


But you can get that result with a little effort, using custom Sentences in English2 or a custom language, and a narrative report like the Individual Narrative.


For example, you might create Sentences like these in English2:


Birth Tag:

[:CR:]Birth: [D]; [L]


Census Tag:

[:CR:][Y] Census: [L4], [L5]


Marriage Tag:

[:CR:]Marriage: [PO], [D], [L]


Then run a report like the Individual Narrative, specifying English2 as the language, and restricting the Tag Types to those you have written custom Sentences for. This will produce the name of the subject(s), followed by a list of events, each on one line, with key information for each event. You could of course arrange the data items any way you like.


If you are interested in pursuing this approach, we can offer more specific instructions.

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As Terry mentioned, I don't believe there is a way to do that in that report. The Age at Event can be displayed on the Person screen for each event for the displayed person if selected in Preferences // Program Options // Tag Box // Show Age column. But that does not show the age of the "other" Principal. As Terry mentions in his suggestion about the advanced option of using an alternate language, if an Age sentence variable is included as part of any sentence for the event, then that event sentence will output the Age at Event. Finally the List of People can output either the Age at death of a person, or their Age today if they were still alive today, but not Age at any event.


Finally, if you choose to use narrative sentences, whether in the standard sentences or sentences in a custom language, you can get the age of each specific Principal with the variables [A1] and [A2] or [A1E] and [A2E]. You can even output the ages of Witnesses or people with roles using [RA:Witness] or [RE:Witness] and [RA:rolename] or [RE:rolename].


I agree such an option on the List of Events would be a useful enhancement, but for now that is not possible in TMG.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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