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*.ftmb 2008/2009 import into TMG7 results in multpile versions of exhibits?

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Hello, I have searched for an answer on the forums, but haven't quite found my answer yet. I am having trouble with multiple versions of an image file being created when importing from FTM into TMG.


I have imported an *.ftmb file into TMG 7.04 Gold. (This is so I may then use Second Site to generate HTML pages.) Upon completing the *.ftmb import, my "Exhibits" have grown from 1,240 items at 1.03 GB in FTM to 5,500 items at 5.75 GB in TMG. In looking at the files, it appears that the FTM exhibits have multiple versions created in TMG during the import. i.e. a Census Record named "1830 united states federal census_1.jpg" in FTM now has four versions in TMG named "1830 united states federal census_1-1.jpg", "1830 united states federal census_1-2.jpg", "1830 united states federal census_1-3.jpg" and "1830 united states federal census_1-4.jpg".


Can anyone comment on why this occurs, and is there is anything I can do in my import settings to only have 1 copy of the image created/copied over during the import?


Many thanks!

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I can't replicate this with three people linked to the same image file (as their person image) with TMG v7.04 or with a current TMG8 development build.


Select one image file that shows this behavior and list the ways that it is linked to your database.


btw... Since you are referring to TMG7, even if it can be replicated, this behavior won't be fixed for TMG7. Any change would be made to TMG8.

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