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Ken Macomber

TMG V8.2 - Startup begins settings configuration each time

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TMG 8.2 works for me in Windows 7 but with some inconveniences in starting the application.


Each time I start TMG a message appears that TMG is configuring buttons, graphics, help files, date converter and other items related to settings. Then I see the Welcome splash screeen and then Welcome to The Master Genealogist message to open projects. The "Last" button is always darkened and is not an option. Even when I uncheck the box and restart. I then select my project and TMG opens it.


What can I change to just startup TMG and go directly to open my last project? It's always worked this way but something has happened to change some settings.


I've tried checking the Preferences for Show Welcome Window. I've tried uninstalling, deleting the TMG 8 installer folder under ProgramData, and then reinstalling TMG 8.2. None of this eliminates the startup configuration and need to select my project.


Thanks for you help.

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Ken -


Have you changed the location of any of the three Data File Storage folders? What you describe sounds like the Shared program data files folder is not where TMG expects to find it. By default in Windows 7, that folder path is C:ProgramDataThe Master Genealogist v8. The files you mention are all located in that folder. If you delete or move the files, TMG will recreate and repopulate that folder the next time it runs - and that may be what you are seeing.


If you are relocating any of the Data File Storage folders, first read the Help topics: Data File Storage, Data File Storage for Advanced Users, and Customizing Data File Storage.



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Virginia, thanks for the help. I found why this was happening. When I installed TMG 8.2 I used my primary Windows 7 users account which has administrator system rights. Although the TMG 8 Installer folder was created during installation, apparently the TMG 8 folder in the ProgramData folder was not created. So everytime I started TMG 8, it was recreating the configuration settings since it could not the configuration files in the ProgramData folder.


I fixed the problem by starting TMG 8 with "Run as Administrator" one time. Now the ProgramData folder has the TMG 8 Data folders with the settings and appears to be working fine.


Thanks for your help. :holiday:

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