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Can I use TMG for other historical reports

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I am working in two fields, O ne is genealogy. I am learning how to enter data into TMG v.8 and have been reading the manuals. My other business is home histories and abstracting titles. I love the features in TMG v.8 for citations and sources. I am wondering if I can use this for recording data concerning properties and use TMG for the reports and research? Is this possible or way too much work? I can envision it but not sure how to do it. Any suggestions?


Thanks for your time and considerations.


Best regards,



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James -


Yes, TMG can be and is being used for that purpose. There have been several discussions on the subject of house histories on the TMG Rootsweb mailing list, for example the thread here (cursor down to read the replies) - and the list may be a better place to post your question. The link to subscribe is here.



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