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Disclaimer: I am useless at anything past a very simple filter - just can't seem to wrap my brain around them.


So, can someone help me filter my dataset to produce a GEDCOM that excludes everyone of my generation on down?


I know I can export a file with details for the living left out, but I want no names, just my own parents and their siblings on back.



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It might be easier to focus on who to include.


The first step is to lay out who you want to include and then get those people to a Focus Group. IOW, think through exactly what you want to do first. Once you have who to include specified, then you can ask for help if necessary.


If you are starting from one person, you can add that one person to a blank focus group and then add the descendants for n generations and then the spouses to the focus group and do this entirely within the focus group with the available controls.

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