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Making family reunion nametags

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I'm back! Wow, See, I haven't used TMG for a very long time, because the change from windows 3.1 to vista didn't go well for me. IT's that online upgrading - I lost my license key and couldn't find it. But, I'm back with the new version 8, installed fresh just this week. I'm working on a major family reunion project right now. A 4, sometimes 5, generation descendant chart including 103 people (yes, hard to believe one line has that many people). Anyway, these people are all still alive, but a few here and there, and we are having a family reunion. During my "disappearance" I used another program that has a report for "Name tags" in which I can have their photo, name, relationship to the main person, and who their spouse and parents are. It makes for the PERFECT reunion nametag when there are that many people.


Anyway, does anyone know if TMG has a similar program? or do I have to keep the old program UPDATED until this reunion is over? I hate using multiple programs and would love to use just TMG.


The project consists of:

Descendant Narrative - edited to book form (I returned cuz I can't edit the documents on the other program)

A Descendant Wall Chart


Family group forms to be filled out for anyone missing.


Anyway, thanks in advance for any suggestions.


TeresaR - and glad to be back.

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Hi, TeresaR - welcome back!


What was the size of the name tags in the other software? Were these printed out on a sheet and then you cut them out? How many do you think you will be making - close to that 103?


Have you checked out the Visual Chartform forum yet? We're doing a lot now with one-page charts, custom colors, color-coding FGS reports to match a chart, composite charts.....



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They were standard size nametags (3X4), and you print to the printer, using nametag printing sheets. No need to cut, except it prints them all for a focus-like group, and it'll be easier to put them in alphabetical order after they print for when arrivals look for them.


Also, any idea how to get journal to format the photos on the left instead of centered? I thought I saw something about formatting it yourself, now I can't find it.

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