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Miss Congenealogy

Want footnotes cited fully each time, not abbreviated

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Am creating a Journal report, selecting footnotes. I want each and every footnote to print out in full every time, not be shortened version after a full citation. How to do this?

Also: I don't see how to select the font for footnotes separately. Am I missing something:


Thanks for the help.

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TMG always uses the Full Footnote template for the first citation to each Source in a given report, and the Short Footnote template for any subsequent citations to the same Source. This is in accordance with widely accepted style guides, and there is no option to override that. However if you want the full footnote each time, you can edit the Short Footnote templates to be the same as the Full Footnote templates. If you haven't customized templates in individual Sources you can do that in the Source Types for those Source Types that you use - that's probably not too many to copy and paste.


The reason for the full then short approach is that often the full footnote contains long titles, notes about provenance, and other details not really required to identify the source, and which causes the notes to be much longer. You might consider adding just those Elements you want in the Short Footnote Templates, rather than copy the entire Full Footnote Templates.


I don't believe there is a way to control the footnote fonts separately - they are the same as another font, though I don't recall which one. That's why I always send my reports to Word and use a macro in Word to reformat the footnotes along with other formatting. The process is described in an article on my website.

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