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TMG 8.04 Update Install Problems

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Is anyone else having problems with 8.04 TMG Update? I was on 8.02 on XP Service Pack 3 when I downloaded and did NOT have the install automatically start after download. Went to the installer update folder and ran the new update application file. After the initial install application verifications, I checked 'agree' which brought me to the Wizard screen. I clicked 'install'. 2 hours later... The setup wizard screen seems to be 'frozen' with only the install and cancel buttons showing.


Thanks so much!


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Debbie -


The problem occurs when a remnant of an earlier installation is left behind. At the top of this v8 forum there is a pinned message 'Re-installing v8' that will guide you through the steps to clear out any remnants.


Let us know if you have any questions about the procedure -



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