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Death Cause data tag not printing

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I am using Family Tree SuperTools v2 and have imported from Legacy 7.5.

I am printing reports where I have included the data tag "DeathCause* Memo" under Box Contents.

The problem is that the tag doesn't print for descendant and ancestor reports.

It does seem to inconsistently print on hourglass reports.


Alternatively I have selected data tag "DeathCause* Label: Memo" and this tag seems to work perfectly on all reports.

This is a good workaround for me so not looking for an immediate fix but letting you know that some of the "DeathCause" data tags are not working on reports.

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The tag "DeathCause" is not a standard TMG tag type. It must have been created as a custom tag type, probably as part of your import from Legacy. Concerning some tags not being output, there are three issues to check.


First, for non-chart reports the asterisk '*' at the end of the tag type name in the report options indicates that if there are multiple such tag types for a person, only the one tag which is marked as "Primary" for that person will be output. The missing tags may either be one of multiple such tags for that person, or the one such tag may not be marked "Primary".


Next, since this tag type is non-standard, be sure that the non-chart Report Options either selects "all" tag types, or if you are only selecting some tags be sure this tag type is selected.


Finally, in charts you may wish to check either whether there is a carriage return beginning the memo, or whether the box is defined to be big enough to contain the text.


Hope this gives you some ideas, maybe other users will have further suggestions,

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Thanks for all the suggestions!


Actually after the import, only the chart reports are enabled in my environment.

I presume there is no carriage returns at the beginning of the memo as they print without a carriage return when I use "DeathCause* Label: Memo".


I haven't found anything else to change yet that would resolve the above issue.

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The data is entered in Legacy as a word or two -- "Heart disease", "Lung cancer", "Chronic inflammatory bowel disease", etc. There are no carriage returns involved.


TMG creates the DeathCause tag type for this data during import. The data is in the DeathCause tag memo field.


FTST2 is a limited version of TMG v7.0. There was one update to FTST2.


The notable limits are:

1) You can't edit the imported data.

2) Only the four VCF charts can be output. There are no other reports available.


In TMG, this worked fine for me. I opened the Descendant Box Chart options and added "DeathCause* Label: Memo" to the Data Types. After saving the Options with [OK], it was necessary to click the button to save the chart configuration. But the new data type did show in the individual's box in the chart.

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I had some additional challenges with the DeathCause tag printing on all my reports this week when I was doing my yearly print of our genealogy reports.


Through experimenting further I figured out a better workaround and verfied further aspects of this issue I see.


What I have discovered is that every time I create a new Project and reimport from Legacy into the new FTST2 project, the DeathCause tags are broken on all reports.

Now all I need to do is go into the Data Type panel for each type of person on each type of report and reset the DeathCause tag "DeathCause* Label: Memo".

All other tags are working fine and there is no difference between DeathCause* Memo or DeathCause* Label: Memo, they both have this issue.


One potential theory is that I have a lot of invalid Death dates in my family tree and maybe they are causing corruption during the import. I will fix these when I get a chance and see if this is causing the issue.


BTW, thanks for the additional testing you did on this issue to verify that this tag SHOULD be working correctly.

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