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v8.04 Descendant Indent chart print error

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I need help printing Descendant Indent Report. I am running TMG v8.04 yet I get the following error which refers to v7: "Error exporting to C:\Documents and Settings\Barbara J Heard\MyDocuments\The Master Genealogist v7\Report_output\CookStJohn ID 113 IndDesc.PDF"

I've tried changing the output to WORD and I get a similar error message that ends in the following: "...\CookStJohn ID 113 Ind Desc.DOC is in use by another application or cannot be deleted. Retry?" When I click on "retry" I keep getting the same error message.


My hunch is I'm doing something wrong obvious to everyone but me.

Thanks for your help.


Barbara Heard

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Barbara -


In v8, go to Preferences / Advanced and check that the paths for your user data files are pointing to the v8 locations - not v7. From the first error message above, it appears that your report_output path is still pointing to the v7 location.


Since that report is .pdf output, also check that you have installed the PDF printer (File / Printer Setup / Install PDF Printer). You might also try resetting the report configuration - using the button under the configuration name.



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