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Add Person Screen changing place styles

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My default place style is "U.S. Short Place"


When you go to the "Add Person" screen and enter the information about a new person if you select a place that is not the default style TMG gives you a message "This place XXXXX already exists, with a style of "Non U.S. Short Place". Change the place style to "U.S. Short Place"?" "Click "No" to keep the place style already associated with this place. You are then given an option to click Yes, No or Cancel.


It does not matter if you select "Yes": or "No". TMG 7 or TMG 8 changes the place style to the default place style.


When you add a tag you are given the same choices but TMG follows your selection and does not change the place style when you select "No".


Can this error in the program when using the "Add Person" screen be corrected as it is creating a lot of errors in my data and I suspect many other have this problem and just haven't realized it..


Bill Richards

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Simple bug and easy to replicate.


I wrote a bug submission for this issue.




The bug is fixed and I've tested it in a development build and in a beta. The fix should be in v8.05.

Edited by Jim Byram

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