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HTML output of TMG reports?

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Looking at the contents of "Help", it implies that I can select HTML as a file type when saving a report. However, the option is not shown in the Report Options pages.


I was hoping to create an HTML version of a Journal report directly without going through a Word Processor. Is this possible?


Ken Clarke


I am sorry I asked this question; I can see that I should have looked more carefully at the Preferences section on the File menu and selected HTML as one of the outputs before going through the Report menu!! :no:

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Not to worry, Ken.


While TMG reports can be output as HTML, I don't think that's the best way to create web pages from your TMG data. The problem is two-fold. First, TMG's reports are designed for paper output, that is, to make the most use of a two dimensional media. As such, they don't take much advantage of the hyper-linking and multi-media capabilities that are the foundation of web sites. The other is that the formatting capabilities are pretty basic. Few of the techniques used in websites are available.


A much better approach, in my view, is to use a program called Second Site to create your website. It reads all of the TMG data, so Sentences for narrative output, Sources with all the detail, etc., are all preserved. It has a multitude of formatting options, and lots of auxiliary features, like charts, maps, image galleries, and more.


For details, see the website of John Cardinal, the author. You might also want to look at my own Second Site Tips articles for some idea of the flexibility of the program.

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