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add multiple witness error - array dimensions are invalid 317 SPREVIEW

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I am using UK version 8.04 on XP. I recently reinsalled everything after a crash. This error happened before and after the crash.


The steps outlined below occur consistently. I do NOT know if the error occurs in other circumstances (ie none customised roles and sentences). I can produce screen shots if needed


1. Enter a new tag that has customised witness roles with customised sentences. Fill in date, location, 2 principals (whose roles are also customised)


2. Use the add multiple witnesses button.


3. Choose multiple witnesses by holding the control key down and mouse clicking. Click OK


4. The result will be a list, which I need to edit or accept.


5. I accept the list, and it populates the witness pane within the tag entry box. The default 'witness' role has been chosen for me. The formatting of the witness pane looks correct.


6. I need to change the 'role' of one or more of the witnesses. When I click on any witness, I get [[array dimensions are invalid 317 SPREVIEW]] error message. Clicking IGNORE and closing the tag, then reopening the tag, allows me to change the role.


My work around is to close the tag immediately I exist the pick list, then reopen it to change the roles. This always works without any issues.




An extension of the above occurs if I need to add more witnesses. AND I think this will point the developers to where the issue is.


1. Open an esisting tag which has existing witnesses. I see a list of these wiitnesses in the Witness pane, farmatted correctly and 'in line'.


2. Click add multiple witness button, use crtl/click to choose the witnesses. After I click OK, the list of witnesses which appears in the witness pane (the old ones as well as the new ones) are 'garbled' and out of line.


3. I do NOT see the array error.


Opening and closing the tag cleans it all up, and my choices are ALWAYS retained.


Choosing witnesses one at a time, using the 'add new witness' button works fine.



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I suspect that this error has become moot with the role redesign that will be included in v8.05. I couldn't replicate the error using a current development build. You should retest this using v8.05.

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Dear moderators - unfortunately this is still occuring


I upgraded to 8.08, and the error has remained the same.


A little more info now we have new role design -


1. In the tag that produces the error I have, since the upgrade, chosen one of my custom witness roles as the default witness - Note this is an example only, I believe all tags produce the error,


2. If I use any of the one-by-one methods of attaching witnesses, the role I set as the default appears correctly.


3. When I choose to add multiple witnesses using the extended pick list, the control key and a mouse click - the role that appears on all the witnesses after I choose OK is 'witness', which needs to be changed


The workaround of "close tag after choosing the mulpiple witnesses, reopen to edit" still works OK, but of course this means the REALLY useful new option of the default witness does not work for me when it is most needed





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