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Helmut Leininger

Changes in place details

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is there a good way to indicate that several place details refer to the same location ?


I will give an example:

my great-grandfather was born in Grinzing, house number 118

I have Grinzing as place, number 18 as detail.


Some years later, street names were introduced and the same house got the address Grinzing, Bergstrasse 18

Then, after the incorporation of Grinzing to Vienna, the address changed to Wien 19, Kobenzlgasse 70


Note, that this is always the same building


Is there a method to make me see that it is actually the same address and not 3 different ones?

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No. The place detail is one level of the place record. The detail is not separate from the place record. A different place detail will require a different place record.


The only way to have only one place record is to deal with the address changes in the event memo or in the place memo (which is not output in most reports).

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Hi Helmut,


Other users have "wished" for this capability in the past, but unfortunately I know of no built-in way in TMG to automatically link one entry in the Master Place List (MPL) to another MPL entry. But there are several possible "work arounds" mentioned by various users in the past which you might consider. Which one or more to use, or even some other methods, will depend upon how you use TMG and where you want to see the "linking" information.


Four ideas come to mind:

  • The MPL Comment memo field

You can certainly put information in this field, but I only know of two ways in which the comment can be seen. If you output to Second Site and generate a Place Index, the index entry will show that there is a comment, and allow you to view it. Or you can open the MPL and there is a column showing the Comment, and opening the entry will let you view it.

  • An unused Place field

You could put a comment in an unused Place field, possibly L10. If the Place Style you use does not output that field, then it won't be seen in reports, but it could be seen by you in an F2 place list or when viewing the MPL.

  • A Place "pseudo" person

You could create a "pseudo" person for that location. Its Primary Name could be its current name, but that person could have Name-Var tags for all its names over time, plus any other event tags of interest to that place. That "pseudo" person now could be linked to any tag using a custom witness Role. With the "place" person linked as a witness you could use the MPL entry for the name at the time of that tag's event, but be able to include the current place name in the tag output by use of the name of that witness "person". With SecondSite output that "person" name also becomes a link to the pseudo person and all that place's tags and names.

  • Common F2 place sort codes

I choose to follow Darrell Martin's idea for a special Place code in the L1 field for use with the F2 key when I am searching for a place to enter. (See my recent post on the TMG-L ListServ
for an explanation of the code.) I can then have multiple MPL entries with the same F2 sort code, so whenever I search for one code I can see and choose among all the equivalent places.


Unfortunately, all of these options require care during data entry to add the additional linking information, and to look for that information. Maybe other users will have some other suggestions.


Hope this gives you ideas,

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