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John W Van Dyke

"Add Person Type" screen

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I seem to be having a problem with this screen. I can not pinpoint what event seems to cause the issue. However, to explain the problem, is as follows:

While working with TMG 8, I'll be doing different entries. Then, out of what appears to be a "clear blue" moment, when I select "Add Person" button, the "Add Person Type" appears with everything "greyed out" except for the "Unrelated", "New Family", "Cancel" and "Help" button.

Now, if I select the "Cancel" button, change the name in the Details, I select "Add Person", everything is selectable. If I go back to the first person I had problem with, the same "greyed out" exists. Now, if I close the program and reopen it, the problem goes away, for awhile.

Maybe, someone may have a fix or answer to this.


John Van Dyke

Brewer, Maine

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